Analogies Here!

Student: 3:06PM :: Teacher : Summer

Category: Relationship to each other. (The reason why we come to school!)

Hey folks,
Submit your best analogies here, be sure to include the category you aimed for!


Mrs. V.

Giving In…Once bitten, Twice Shy

Alright folks, I have a confession to make.
I did not read a single Harry Potter.
I read two of the Uglies series.
I read ONE Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events) book.

The Twilight Sagas have drawn me in. Rather, the amount of energy that surrounds it has sucked me into reading the first of the series, Twilight. Students, teachers, sisiters and the general public alike have convinced me.
I cannot say I will see the movie (I can’t even remember the last one I did see), but reviews are rolling in. Check out the first one I came upon in my WWW search. Teachers on both sides of the walls rave. It suprises me that someone so geographically close to Forks would give it such a dismal review.
Tell me of your Twilight knowledge…movie, books, silly reviews….I want you to be the true compass of interesting literature.

Check out the movie trailer for some inspiration!

Check Point #1

On your blog you must have completed the following to earn a passing grade for this assignment:
*theme (your design)
*About page
*Video embedded
*Personal narrative sensory tour


On your blog you must have completed the following to earn a passing grade for this assignment:
*theme (your design)
*About page
*inspirational video embedded with question or comment
*Independent reading novel introduction
*”Where are you going, Where have you been” repsonse

Your mission today:
1. View your peer’s inspirational videos and reply to the prompt or question attached to each.
2. Comp: Consider what you’ve eaten for fast food in the past few weeks. What have you learned from reading Fast Food Nation or how has your perspective been “enhanced?” Be prepared to share how the potato industry had changed in the last 25 years and explain exactly why the fries taste so good.

Wanna watch the trailer for inspiration again?


Landmark Descriptive Essay- Frosh!

Hey Fresh-people:
It’s Mrs. Veglahn, you’re biggest fan!

I know research and writing can be mind-numbing sometimes. I get it. On the other hand, I know writing can be satisfying if you are connected to your topic.
SO- connect yourself.

Tell the world: What is your landmark, national or international?
Why did you choose it and what do you know about it already.
Keep it brief. Just share so others can see your CONNECTION to the topic you chose. Wish I could say that we’d all go on a roadtrip to tour your landmarks, but my passport expires this December. Swing and a misss.

here to inspire,
Mrs. V.

Last thing, I promise. If you are researching at home and want to remember the site I told you about for research sources go to Library Spot.

Senior Comp/Lit Post #2

Hi gang,

Well, with your first post undreway, most of you have gotten a response from little ‘ole me. Next post is to pull in those fans and readers of yours (duh, your classmates).
You mission:
Go on YouTube and find a video that a)sends a strong message b)encourages people to be better humans c)embeds an idea or perspective in your reader’s mind. In other words, you need a video that motivates in a clean, academic way. Save your favorite youtube video viewing sessions for home. Here at school we need wholesome connections to academics.
Wondering about key words? Try: motivation, inspiration, self improvement….and so on.
If you’ve got something in mind, great. If not, shop on. It is your job to be the sensor for what is posted on the blog.

Remember, this skill will help build your “digital footprint.”

Need an example? Check out my post Just When I Think My Life Is Tough

Just when I think my life is tough…

Last night I was lucky enough to hear a speaker at Viterbo University.
Immaculee is her name.
She is a survivor of the 1994 Rawandan genocide, also known as a modern day holocaust.
Immaculee spent 91 days in a 3X4 bathroom with seven other women as she was hiding from her killers. She was being hunted because of the culture she was born into. I can’t help but recall what is known today as the Holocaust and the daunting similarities these two horrific events share.

Watch the video and tell me what you think. It’s hard to complain about my own problems and struggles when I remember what she shared about the time she was hunted.


Assignment #1 for your blog!

Hey Gang,

It has been a long time coming, but MOST of you have your blogs up and running (sorry Brandon).

You need to do a few things:

1. Create your ABOUT page. You can include information about yourself (who you are, what you enjoy, what you want out of this blog and what your future holds) and a picture if you have one in stock!
2. Your first POST!
If you are creating one for Lit, you need to create one about your independent reading novel.
*share title, author and give a brief summary of the story.

If you are creating one for Comp., you need to take readers on a sensory “tour” of the setting for your personal narrative that we started. Imagine that you are going on a walking tour of the location, share what readers would see first, second, third and so on. Be sure to include details about color, smells, sounds, textures and anything else that makes the setting come back to you when you are composing this personal narrative. If you are searching for a post title choose, “Sensory Tour of my Personal Narrative.”

This may seem like a bit of work, but it will be a great *first contribution to your digital footprint that is your blog!

Welcome and enjoy 🙂

Tee Hee Hee, MySpace Commentary




I attended a workshop this summer in which a presenter, Will Richardson, reminded me that we need to teach young people how to leave a positive “digital footprint” on the world wide web. For those of you who have a MySpace account, consider this song. My techy-teacher friend passed this along to me. I dig it.

Did you laugh? Does it make you think twice about what you post (about yourself and others) online?